All the dish you need.

What we talked about on this weeks show. The spill causing problems at beaches from Texas to Florida. B-P’s ... Continue Reading →

Episode 10 Now Live

It’s show number 10 of Two Big Mouths. If it was a wedding anniversary, you could get us something aluminum….or tin actually. In this installment, Gia’s off to party ... Continue Reading →

Worlds Collide – Hey you got Anti-Culture in my News!

The Vulture of Culture crept its way this week into the main stream media.  President Obama braves the hen house that is The View. Chelsea ... Continue Reading →

Episode 9 Now Live

Welcome Two Big Mouthers to show number 9. We hear from Dennis and Gia about losing voices and some crack-a-lacka. Plus the Really Random Report from New Jersey, the Mad Movie Review ... Continue Reading →

What we talked about on this weeks show.

Heard on this weeks show. The Smithsonian gets involved in the cleanup from the Gulf oil spill. We’re number three……in ... Continue Reading →

“Celebrity Succubus” suckling from the great teat of Bad Press

Show #9 Links Look away from the Reality TV….Mad Men is back this Sunday! Al Gore to massage therapist “Take Care of This!” Gia ... Continue Reading →

Episode 8 Now Live

On the big show this week, Dennis gets cracked, Gia plans a party and Mel breaks down. All of that along with the Really Random Report and The Mad Movie Review. Download, listen and ... Continue Reading →

On this week’s Show Music From U-phonik!!! Couple Most likely to be desired for a Threesome … WTF??? ... Continue Reading →

This weeks show links.

What we talked about on the latest show: A bunch of sea turtle hatchlings have been taken away from the oil danger in the Gulf. That ... Continue Reading →

Episode 7 Now Live

After a week off, Dennis and Gia talk about crude, boobs and the tube on this, show number 7 of Two Big Mouths. Thanks for listening! To download the show to your computer RIGHT CLICK ... Continue Reading →