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Two Big Mouths #79 Now Live

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. The Main Mouths are taking the week off. Gia, Big Mouth Number 1, is heading to see the ‘rents in South Florida. Dennis, Big Mouth ... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Get Ill….

On Thanksgiving turkey anyway. We’ve got an action packed show this week as we look to a best of show next week so we can party like pilgrims. Here are the links to everything ... Continue Reading →
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Two Big Mouths #78 Now Live

Hello fans and welcome back. It’s the week before we stuff ourselves with turkey and all the trimming, so why not start by stuffing your brain with all the news and entertainment ... Continue Reading →

This is what we call the Two Big Mouths show!

That’s a reference to The Muppets. You’ll have to listen to the show to know why I wrote that. http://www.twobigmouths.com Till then, take a look at all the links to the ... Continue Reading →
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Two Big Mouths #77 Now Live

And what a show we have for you this week. Plenty to talk about, and we are a talk show so here we go. There will be no changes to your birthday in Mississippi. A threesome goes horribly ... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be Occupying A Bottle Of Southern Comfort!

Well, I mean not actually getting inside the bottle. I mean, that would have to be a really big bottle of So Co, but I digress. See below for the links to everything I talked about ... Continue Reading →
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Two Big Mouths #76 Now Live

Here we are again Mouthy friends. The Main Mouths are sending good vibes to your brain through your ears this week. Listen as they talk about how the big banks are teaching us how to ... Continue Reading →

TwoBigMouths.com @ Guavascream 2011…The Pics…The Horror…The Hangover

So this Halloween Dennis and I were out among the masks and mayhem of GuavaScream 2011 at the Hawaiian Village in our own cigar city of Tampa, FL. If you were there, well then you’re ... Continue Reading →