Gia Has The Hots For Simon Cowell AND Kenny G!

You’ll have to listen to the show, specifically the Anti Culture Report, to lean more about Big Mouth #1′s passion. Untill then, here are the links to everything I talked ... Continue Reading →

Two Big Mouths #88 Now Live

Here we go again. It’s lucky show number 88 this week . Join the Main Mouths as they talk about an iconic Tampa bay area hotel that’s suing B-P. There’s some great ... Continue Reading →

Rigs, Globes and Burlesque!

Yes, those are just some of the topics on this weeks Two Big Mouths. Take a listen. CLICK HERE. In the meantime, see below for the links to every story I talked about on the big show. There’s ... Continue Reading →

Two Big Mouths #87 Now Live

We are back again and this weeks show is sure to be a part of a future “best of.” On the big show, there’s a foreign counry’s new oil rig sitting off the coast ... Continue Reading →

Gia’s Pain Killers, Gay Cities and Dolly’s Titties!

Yes, you heard me right. You’ll hear all about that stuff on this weeks show. So go and take a listen. CLICK HERE. Till then, here’s all the links to all the stories I ... Continue Reading →

Two Big Mouths #86 Now Live

Well, hello there and thanks for taking a look. On this weeks show, some yo-yo was planning on blowing up a local bar Dennis and Gia go to from time to time. Think of the tragedy…BOOM!! ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2012!

Yeah, It’s another year of the Mouth. Two Big Mouths to be exact. Thanks for listening and take a look at all the links to the stories I did on this weeks show. We started this ... Continue Reading →

Two Big Mouths #85 Now Live

Hello and Happy New Year Mouthy Friends. The Main Mouths are back in action after some time off and they’re going to start 2012 off like they started 2011: with a story about the ... Continue Reading →
2012%20Planets good

Two Big Mouths #84 Now Live

Hello Mouthy friends. The Main Mouths are taking some time off between Christmas and the New Year, but have put together a “best of” show including their 2011 year in review. ... Continue Reading →