O-B-L love the P-O-R-N

Yes, that’s right Osama Bin Laden loved looking at the porno. That and other story links are posted below. Go and listen to this weeks show too.

As stated above, O-B-L was looking at the P-O-R-N.

The Mouse trademarks “Seal Team 6.” Really?….why….that’s just Goofy.

A national air carrier makes a big oops!

We record in the Cigar City of Tampa and our neighbor over the bridge, St. Petersburg is well respected in the art community. Check it.

We also line in an area of Florida prone to hurricanes. Here’s this years predictions. If one heads this way, there’s a Hurricane party at my place.

Only in the silly liberal bastion known at San Franscisco would there be a measure on the next ballot banning circumcision.

There must be alot of unwanted kids out there, and I don’t mean orphans, I mean kids that were unplanned.

And Jerry Lewis says he’s done doing the M-D-A Telethon. “Hey lay-deeeeeeeee”

Check out this kick ass band. They are debuting their new CD this weekend.

And this movie came out 15 years ago. You are so money and you don’t even know it.

That’s it folks. I’m hoping the worl doesn’t end this weekend. If it does, I’ll see you on the other side.

Dennis, Big Mouths #2.

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