Two Big Mouths #90 Now Live

Yes, yes, YES! Ten more shows till the big 100. Till then, the Main Mouths want you to know that whales are people too. The Fear Factor twins from Tampa get another showbiz offer. And the mother of all made up holidays is upon us. How much money will you spend? The Living Deads join us for some sort-of-macabre rockabilly. The movie that won the 2011 Suncreen Film Festival debuts this week. It’s called Fancy Pants. We’ll have the principle players on our Really Random Report this week. Angry Allen will give us his take on the latest Mark Wahlberg film. You can guess where this is going. The boob tube drew in many more boobs than normal this past Super Bowl Sunday. Madge is mad at M.I.A. And a super model opens her none to super mouth about her equally none to super hubby. Listen and laugh this week friends and we’ll see you next week.

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